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What We Offer

Galaxy Professional Services offers a wide range of options that have an amazing end-game for lawyers and small firms that want to increase productivity, balance their work-personal life, and get a great return on their investment as a lawyer. Some of the cost benefits allows lawyers to focus on their billable items, while we bridge the gap in the non-billable functions that are necessary to keep the business progressing.

Some of those features and benefits include:

  1. Contracted experienced professionals
  2. No out-of-pocket expenses being paid to WSIB, EI, CPP or tax deductions
  3. Off-site location for administrators, assisting lawyers who work from home or share a small office space

Ultimately, you pay us only for the work we do, and we take care of the rest!

See our list of services below:

Here’s the services package for you to download

Legal Administration Services

Legal Administration Services

Galaxy Professional Services offers a legal administrative package for lawyers and other legal practitioners who need assistance on their day-to-day administrative duties.

The roles of the administrators can include the following:

a. Answering phone calls, faxes, emails
b. Liaison with court staff and opposing counsel to book appointments or set court dates
c. Scheduling appointments with clients, updating and maintaining tickler functions
d. Client intake and drafting letters that need to be sent

Our team of professionals include a Licensed Paralegal who can commission affidavits and handle some adjournments where authorized. We offer a wide range of services to assist with your needs at an affordable price.

Process Serving and Courier Services

Process Serving and Courier Services

Process serving of documents is a huge component in the legal field. It is important for documents to be filed and/or served timely to the courts, opposing lawyers, and any other party in a legal matter. Galaxy Professional Services offers reliable and efficient service when delivering your time sensitive material. Our team strives to build great client relationships and do our very best to communicate with our progress every step of the way.

Our coverage areas include Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Welland and Newmarket.

After-Hours Answering Service

After-Hours Answering Service

If you are a lawyer who requires an after-hour answer service, Galaxy Professional Services is here for you! Our evening and overnight services allow for calls to be answered or messages to be collected for transcription. The message scan be sent via email or text, providing ease to the lawyers that they will always receive their messages.

Our answering service packages start at $49.99/month.

Mail Services

Mail Services

Galaxy Professional Services offers a mailbox service option that you won’t want to miss! If you are a lawyer who may work from home, our mailbox service allows you a wide variety of options, while maintaining privacy about your primary work location. Our services include:

1. Address that can be used for receiving mail, courier and other deliveries

2. Acceptance of service on behalf of clients

3. Scanning and uploading of mail to digital format

4. Adherence of LSUC guidelines regarding mail storage

5. Mail pick-up or delivery options available

Mailbox service options begin at $49.99/month

Internal and External Filing Program

Internal and External Filing Program

Filing can be an overwhelming function for a busy lawyer.  Galaxy Professional Services offers 2 filing options to assist with organizing and updating your filing system.

A) Internal filing service will provide the lawyer an on-site visit for us to sort, organize and file the paperwork in-house.

B) External filing service will take place off-site and at our head office location. Upon completion, we arrange the delivery of your files directly to you.

We have a 3-hour minimum for our internal filing option.  We are also in compliance with the guidelines of the LSUC regarding storage of client files. 

Printing and Binding

Printing and Binding

Printing can become overwhelming, time-consuming and costly when you have several documents to be prepared for court. Galaxy Professional Services offers printing, copying and binding services for lawyers who require the assistance. The best part, we can arrange for the items to be picked up, dropped off, filed and/or served to another party for you upon completion.

Black and white copies starting at .10 per page

For a quote on a service or more information on our pricing and packaging, please contact here: