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Are paperwork and administrative duties preventing you from:

Focus on billable items
Growing your patience
Making time for yourself and loved ones

If you said YES to any of the above, Galaxy Professional Services is here for you!

Our professional services help lawyers and related professionals manage their paperwork and administrative duties. We want to assist in giving you the time needed to focus on your clients, improve time-management, expand on your business, and increase your revenue. Our goal is to see you receive a great return on your investment!

With day to day needs such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, or meeting with clients to handle intake; Galaxy Professional Services can do it all!

With satellite offices in Hamilton, Toronto and Ajax, call now to book a FREE no-obligation consultation and take advantage of our current special


We offer a billing deferral service for lawyers with LAO clients. Upon registering with our company, we will allow up to 60 days for remittance on monies to be applied.  This option is available to help leverage lawyers from having to pay these disbursements out-of-pocket for clients who are exempt from paying retainer fees and give the lawyer a reasonable amount of time to receive payment from Legal Aid Ontario or sort out any disputes that can take place. Please contact us for further information.



Our vision is to bridge gaps for lawyers between their billable and non-billable functions so they can achieve the ultimate success in their practices with executive level support and affordable pricing.



Stephanie Okola

Customer- Okola Law

“The staff at Galaxy Professional Services are friendly, professional and provide exceptional service.  They make great efforts to accommodate late and urgent requests and have good knowledge of the processes at the courts which I service.  They have become an essential addition to my practice.”


Kalina and Tejpal


“We are very satisfied with the excellent service from Galaxy Professional Services.  They go above and beyond what is required to ensure documents are filed properly in court for us.   We highly recommend their services”